Company History


Relianz was founded at the end of 1945 as a branch of Welti-Furrer, Transporte & Lagerhäuser in Zurich. Gustav Engeler senior, aged 25, was the authorised signatory in charge. The original purpose of the company was "trading in goods of all kinds" but soon the company concentrated on repairing and trading in used jute sacks.

In 1952 Gustav Engeler was able to take over the entire share capital. He opened a manufacturing plant for new and used jute sacks in Bonstetten-Wettswil, outside Zurich, in a disused brickworks (picture). In the heyday of the 1960s and early 1970s, production employed over 150 people and was one of the largest employers in the region. At the same time, wholesale trade with West Bengal (India), China and Thailand, the countries of origin of jute, was also started.

In the following decades, Relianz expanded into other Western European countries and built up its own branches. The product range was continuously supplemented by plastic and paper packaging and thus constantly adapted to changing customer demands.

Today, the group is managed by the third generation of the Engeler family, brothers Andreas & Thomas Engeler, and has branches in Austria, France, Italy and Germany.

The former manufacturing company has become an international wholesale company for bulk packaging (big bags, sacks, carrier bags) as well as natural fibre fabrics, yarns and raw wool for agriculture, industry and commerce.

Tradition obliges: Our customers, their needs and the constantly changing market requirements are still the focus of all our activities.