Sustainability Quality standards

Quality standards

Acting reliably - our quality standards

We want to know how and under what circumstances the products we sell are manufactured, how quality and delivery reliability are guaranteed and whether the factory will still exist in a year's time.

Therefore, all our suppliers are regularly visited and audited by a member of our management. We attach great importance to ensuring that safety and hygiene standards are also met in Asian factories.

In order to ensure that we only ship flawless goods, certain product groups are monitored by inspectors appointed by us, and random goods checks are carried out before shipment.

In this way we ensure that only flawless goods are shipped and arrive in Europe, which in turn makes the environment and the customers happy !

Quality standards for the food industry - food suitability

We are a HACCP and ISO 9001:2015 certified trading company which undergoes regular audits.

This means that we can also offer food-grade products, which have to meet the highest quality standards, from our partner factories.

Safety in the production and packaging of flawless foodstuffs is a basic prerequisite for meeting legal requirements at home and abroad and for meeting market demands. As a responsible, transparent trading company, we are part of the food chain and are committed to food safety.

Today, we only work with production facilities that have an appropriate food certificate (ISO 22,000 or similar) so that all processes on the production side are under control at all times and only flawless goods reach our customers.

Quality in logistics - thanks to our own logistics team and dispatch supervision

To ensure that the goods from our Asian partner factories reach our customers in Europe safely and on time, we leave nothing to chance. We work with selected professional partners in the logistics sector who have the necessary reliable connections under control.

Thanks to our own logistics team, we always know where our goods are and when they will arrive at our customers.

Thanks to our long-standing partnerships with our suppliers, we are now able to intervene in production planning and thus ensure that our ordered goods are also produced and dispatched on time in the factory.