Company Core values & Goals

Core values & Goals

Core values

Not only talking about basic values but also living them - this is our motto; traditional, basic values that were already valid 75 years ago are the DNA of our company and all the more important in today's world:

We are proud that all our employees are flexible & agile, committed, reliable and trustworthy. In everything we do, it is always about developing the best and most sustainable product for our customers, and providing this with the best possible service to the customer at the right time and in the right place.

We achieve this with our long-serving employees, each of whom has been trained internally to maintain the right "Relianz Spirit".

Goals - the promise to our customers

  • You receive professionalism and a reputable product at a fair price.

  • You can rely on our in-depth knowledge of the trading countries, trading partners, cultures and conditions.

  • We take over the coordination, have the overview and know what is at stake!

  • You receive a tailor-made product, at the right time, in the desired quality and from the chosen material.

  • You can rely on professional, transparent advice and support. We think along with you and act actively for your benefit !

  • You will receive a sustainable solution that delivers what you want in terms of material type, production method and logistics!

  • You save time and money and can concentrate on your main business.

  • You have the security that the trade works and that you receive the ordered goods on time and in high quality.